Talc, a mineral based product has been in existence for so many years now, I remember when growing up, it was like a crime for moms to not have powder in the home, especially during the heat period. They use talc powder to suit the discomfort associated with prickly heat. But today, it isn’t the same story anymore, as a lot has happened which ran down to the conclusion that talcum is not a safe baby care product as most pediatricians have stated the adverse outcomes of talcum powder saying, it may result to lung disease in babies.

Article written by United Press International in Chicago Tribune reported Boston pediatricians cautioned that talcum powder is dangerous for babies and may even cause death when inhaled by suffocating the baby.

Dr. William H. Cotton also says that there are no reasons for parents to use talcum powder at all and that even though it makes babies smell good, it’s just for a short while and can problematic for every child.

In Chicago Tribune, Timothy Johnson, M. D. reported, two physicians at the University of Cincinnati reacted to the use of baby powder, they said it’s not a necessary infant care product, it capabilities to absorb are small, its lubricating properties are minimal and its odor-covering and perfume aspect are just for a short period of time.

Talcum product, are widely used by both women and children and skin and genital area to treat diaper rash and to prevent wetness or moisture in the diaper area, nevertheless, it has been stated that talcum in the genital area could increase the risk of cancerAccording to the American College of Physicians, Talc causes a disease known as Pulmonary disorder otherwise also known as talcosis.

In her articles, Mary Garcia in the Los Angeles Times reported, “Dr. Hugh MacDonald, director of neonatology at Santa Monica Hospital and a member of the American Academy of Pediatrics’s Committee on Fetus and Newborn declared that most pediatricians warn against mothers using talc, saying further that it uses could cause inhalation of the talc itself and can result in pneumonia reaction

Pediatricians believed that when babies inhale talc powder over time, it could block the nose by drying up the mucous membrane thereby making breathing difficult or impossible for babies.

I will conclude by saying it is better to yield to the advise of pediatrician as regards talcum, American Pediatric Association in Jay W. Belle posts, advice that having babies without diaper on can be the best remedy, they also noted that this may not work all the time, most pediatricians recommend ointments such as vaseline, Aquaphor and A+D ointments. Remember: Prevention is better than cure.

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