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Extrinsic Motivation Example of Extrinsic motivaton

EXTRINSIC MOTIVATION: Example of when I was extrinsically motivated by something

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Extrinsic motivation: An individual is motivated by external factors in order to earn reward or avoid punishment such as cleaning the house to avoid being banned from watching TV, reading or preparing to an exam in order to ‘pass’, putting in for extra hours at work in order to earn rewards and overtime. Extrinsic motivation is the opposite of intrinsic motivation. You click this link for the difference between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation.


Example of when I was extrinsically motivated by something

After graduation from college or university, a compulsory one-year national youth service corps (NYSC) to the country remained mandated to all who just graduated to confirm them as a Bachelor’s or higher national degree holder; and in as much as you are not up to 30 years old, it is compulsory and mandatory.

Going for this NYSC is something I never wanted to go for because I have a lot going on in my life then, just lost my mum and being the first child, I had a lot of responsibilities on me towards my younger ones and myself, and the worst part of it, was that we will be posted to another State and region we never had experience about at all; so we will be meeting entirely new people with different language and culture.

Because it is compulsory, I had to go for it and travel to the State which I was posted to. On getting to the para-military camp where we’ll be trained on what to expect during our course of stay in the State I was posted to, we were given the rules and regulations and were trained and treated like during my secondary school days, where you have to wake up very early in the morning and make sure all morning duties are performed before going to class and you dare not go to class late. There is no freedom, you must follow the rules.

With all my experience and where I was coming from, I don’t want to be posted to a village but to a city where I can gain more experience in my field of study, so, we were made to participate in all activities which I always shy away from; however, one day, they needed someone to perform a role in my group, it requires somebody from another culture who can also speak the language they are missing, no one was available to perform this task, so I took the opportunity and worked with my group in the performance. Due to my role in that performance, my group emerged the winner in the camp, and with this little contribution of mine, I was posted to the city and to the organization that will help boost my experience in my field of study.


My goal and what motivated me

My goals were to get my NYSC certificate as if I don’t have it, the opportunity of getting a good job will be slimmer in my country.

Another goal was to get my posting to a city and in an organization where I can learn and gain more experience.


My motivations and rewards thereafter

My motivations:

*It is not an option but mandatory and compulsory, so I had to go.

* No one was available to perform the role I played and I don’t want my group to fail in the camp.

The rewards I gained from all these were outstanding, even though I never wanted to go for the NYSC or participate in any activity while in the camp, I gained the opportunity to be posted to one of the best organization which in turn enhance my experience during the whole stay in that State; I became popular and benefited more than my counterparts.






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