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Maternity wear

I don’t think I can be forgiven if I fail to mention maternity wear, keep those tight clothes of yours aside, get for yourself comfy and beautiful maternity wears depending on the weather condition or season into which you are pregnant, I promise you that you will surely need this. You don’t need a whole wardrobe you only need a few that will do the job during your pregnancy. And that’s it; mind you, you still need some of these clothing

even after delivery especially if you’re going to be breastfeeding your baby.


One thing I must not fail to mention, is a larger size, light and comfy panties, go for 100% cotton, you will need more  of this because you may have to change more often in a day, mothers know what I’m talking about.


Full Body Pillow

Sleeping position during pregnancy is not always fun, as one keeps looking for a soothing position, getting a nice and soft pillows will help and make a huge difference with arranging pillows under your bump and between your legs. You will find this very handy and help during your second trimester and especially in third your trimester, mamas know what I’m talking about.

A bigger bra

One thing everyone is sure about during pregnancy, is an increase in the size and weight of the breast. Most women find it discomforting during this period, coupled with having to deal with pregnancy syndromes, your best bet is getting a bigger and more quality and weight resistant bra. This is a must!

Do you love reading book?

If you do, then great job! Get pregnancy and parental guidance books for yourself, I promise, you won’t regret it, you will find it more joyful and engaging, you will also find fun in it as an expectant mom, especially for first time mum. It will also help you to deal with your emotions, knowing other mum experience from their testimonies.

Loose shoes

Unfitted shoes can make your legs hurt during pregnancy, especially high heels, they are not safe for you at this time please so get a fancy free and light shoes like slippers or sandals (the open ones) so as to enhance easy movement and prevent your legs from swelling up. After some months in pregnancy, it is natural that the size of the legs I mean feet increases so you need a bigger size of shoes.

Prenatal vitamins

The importance of prenatal during pregnancy, can never be overemphasized, because even when you’re eating right, you can’t just say what is going on in there, you need prenatal to balance up your diet, medical practitioners know why they always suggest prenatal for the good of the expectant mum. It will be a wise decision to yield to the advice from them.

Safe body-care products

As lazy and tiring one can be during pregnancy, one thing you shouldn’t take for granted is taking care of your precious body. Meanwhile make sure that the products you’re using is very safe as some products contain chemicals which are not safe during pregnancy.

Stretch mark lotion

I have used stretch marks lotion and I could say categorically that it helped me a lot, I wished I used them during my first pregnancy, but I didn’t, this taught me a lesson that I never hesitated on using it during other pregnancy. The result turned out to be fantastic. Oh I wished I had used it earlier, well better late than never.

Stretchy pants

Stretch pants can be so handy and one’s friend during pregnancy, the kind of stretch pants I’m talking about, are the light stretchy pants most people call the “yoga pants” these will contain your bump and help you to move more freely, these pants adjust to the size of your bump automatically and even after your baby is born, you can still use them.

Water bottle

It’s very easy to get dehydrated during pregnancy which can be dangerous, so getting a bottle of water with you as an escort anywhere you go and making sure you drink water always can be very helpful mama.

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