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Simple and Effective Hair-Care Techniques

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Natural hair can be very overwhelming if one does not realize how to manage it which could lead to more damage to the hair. Natural hair can be so tiring and frustrating at some point which is the main reason why most people resort to bleaching or cutting their hair; the truth is, whichever maintenance strategy is chosen, it would require that adequate and proper maintenance techniques be applied.

While some individuals may have thick and strong curly hair naturally, most may be as a result of extreme dryness. When the hair is dry, the hair becomes unhappy which leads to breakage, tangling and dandruff due to dry skin. Working comb through the becomes almost impossible for an individual who could not endure the pain associated with hair clumping together. Use good hair care products, especially shampoo, condition, and moisture is very important.



Use moisturizing shampoo

Use soft water to wash or hard water shampoo. Washing the hair with hard water could result in an unclean rough-looking hair, it renders the hair very hard and if not properly handled during washing, becomes tangled, you may notice white-thick patch, looking somewhat odd, on hair stands and dirt build up on the scalp which is as a result of the scum formed by the hard water which would not wash off. This is the reason why using the right type of water or shampoo cannot be overemphasized. 

Most of the hard-water shampoo is sulfate-free, they protect hair against the damage that the minerals in hard water could cause; they also foster hair nourishment, shining or silky and maintenance of hair volume.



After washing your hair with shampoo, what helps to improve and maintain moisture is the conditioner, washing your hair with the application of conditioner is incomplete, which means the hair would still return to being hard and would lose moisture within a twinkle of an eye. Concentrate more on using sulfate-free conditioners, they aid in moisturizing dry- bristled hair and inhibits split ends and breakage. Condition helps recondition.



Hair steaming is an awesome practice especially for individuals with strong hair commonly called (stubborn hair) steaming subject the hair to moisturize heat which helps in hydration of the hair leaving moisture and silky. This procedure also excites the blood flow around the scalp, which processes boost hair. A hair steamer can efficiently used to enhance moisture, reconditions, beautify and increase the hair elasticity; the effect of heat and water raises the cuticle of the hair shaft hence, allowing conditioners and vitamins in it to penetrate each strand thereby hydrating which increases elasticity and moisture retention of the hair.



If the scalp does not receive enough oil to get it moisturized can also lead to dandruff, if you over dry or lets moisture out of the hair, it can enhance strong hair which needs lubrication but not getting it. Therefore dry mildly; excessive drying is not advised, you can also just pat dry with a towel.



Hair-care is not complete without mentioning comb. Using the right comb that matches the hair texture is very, and extremely important. Using the wrong choice of a comb can aid more pressure to the scalp and pain results from it, can cause hair breakage; after application of conditioner, it is a great idea to have it combed out before rinsing, you can also apply leave-in conditioner afterward.



Hair moisturizers are specially formulated with essential vitamins that aid resuscitation and protection of the hair. They replenish and protect the hair from moisture loss and conditions damaged hair to prevent breakage. The amazing part of it all is that they enhance and play a big role in softening and beautifying the hair for superior maintenance so comb can work through your hair easily if the steps are well adhered to.





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