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Advantages/Benefits of GUI

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Java User interface, can be very useful when writing complex program, Its main purpose is to improve and enhance the efficiency while also providing simplicity of use for the fundamental logical plan of a stored program, it’s designed in such a way that users can self-service themselves using a program installed in an app and others; it is a public method of interrelating with a computer that allows for an image to be displayed on the screen.



This is a program interface with an improvement made on computer’s graphic potentials to enable the easy usage of a program. A graphical interface (GUI) generally refers to a human computer interface which uses tools such as windows, icons as well as menus and operated through the use of devices such as mouse, keyboard and touch. Small icons carry pictures or symbol as a GUI to represent a particular program a customer can truly understand what it means simply by clicking on it, also the icons or symbols may also represent a file a directory or a device. Icons are used both on desktop devices and application programs used on other type of devices such as mobile devices. GUI commands are use simply my moving, clicking or tapping using a touch screen pad, mouse to make a certain selection or get an access..

GUI holds a fundamental function when it comes to computing on devices such as electronic devices, mobile applications and other mechanical devices we use on a daily and even devices that requires occasional usage, we find ourselves using GUI related devices most of the time without even realizing it especially to the lay man. Example of devices that incorporate GUI are mostly LCD related devices such as laptop screens, computer monitors, healthcare monitoring devices or equipment that uses GUI like the ultrasound machine and blood pressure monitors; wearable devices such as watches, car dashboard, TV screens, remote controllers, media players, gaming devices and so on.

GUIs employs the use of touchscreen no longer a news or a new thing even to not so technical individuals (i.e. the layman) and of course children (little kids) as little as one year old, not only that, GUI devices are progressively becoming import in many settings such as medical settings mentioned above, business organizations, engineering, agriculture, banking industry and lots more you can think of that uses electronic devices as both PC displays, mobile devices, transportation machines, and handheld devices among others. These touch screen GUIs provide opportunities for a range of benefits to healthcare personnels, engineers, agriculturists, geologists, librarians, analysts, accountants, patients and customers alike. Almost everyone now is used to the idea of interacting with digital devices that GUI which includes children, students, patients, workers, family members and lots more category of individuals you can think of even the not so techy individuals and perform tasks perfectly well smart phones and tablets. The importance of Graphical User Interface (GUI) cannot be overemphasized.

The screen displays and additional effects of screen touch on most GUI devices, all individuals and professionals now have stress-free access to numerous collections of data stored these devices and through an easy to understand interaction with the screen. For example, most healthcare provides now store data electronically, Electronic Health Records system is able to efficiently and effectively store and obtain including centralizing fundamental patient information right from their mobile or electronic device such as laptops, in fact it’s found to be very useful when transferring a patient to another provider or in emergency cases, paper documents could lead to some delay in getting some vital information about patient’s history but with electronic records, they can have access to patient’s medical history as quickly as possible. Physicians can easily put in a prescription just by clicking on tapping on the app icon and lots more.

The banking industry, the GUI support customers especially when it comes to the application of mobile banking services, it provides users with easy to understand information on how to go about their task such as depositing a check, money transfer, checking account balance, submitting an application and lots more; it also enables banking agents and professionals to carry out their job electronically and easily.

Educational app, uses GUI system to make learning experience engaging and user friendly, both pupils, students and teachers can access the different portals, modules and lots more through the menu or simply by clicking or tapping on the icon representing the program they are looking to access.

Graphical user interface (GUI) plays an important role in computing; whether it’s a mobile app or any electronic or mechanical device we use, we see GUI all over in our daily life, like TV, AC Controllers, etc.



1. It creates a user-friendly experience for users especially for non-technical people or for beginners, GUI’s inclines to ease usage proficiency, therefore, providing an easier learning experience.

2. GUI allows for immediate feedback or response to the user on tapping or clicking on an option.

3. GUI systems allow for multiple apps or programs to be run simultaneously due to the fact that each icon displayed or list on a menu is a representative of a program.

4. Users do not need to understand a particular language before they understand what they are supposed to do, the icons are engaging and carry symbols that quickly portrays the message to the user.

5. Another advantage is that it influential images or symbols gives a simultaneous quick representation just as it is or as it would be viewed in the physical world which the user must have been familiar with in the real world sight such is the drag-and-drop feature which helps to move objects from one point to another, data can also be transported or switched amongst different software applications.

6. Arrange and layout display of icons or menu lists is very easy for the eye to capture and for the brain to quickly understand.

7. An interesting part of it is that users do not need to learn complex commands before using.


In conclusion, Java offers a numerous set of tools that can be used when applying GUI programming for developers, which helps to easily integrate graphical user interface components into different programs. GUI provides an interactive visual mechanism for computer software, it displays objects that communicate information, and signify actions or decisions the user can opt for if they decide to. An interesting tool available is the features that enable an object’s color, size, or distinguishability to be applied when users are interacting with them

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