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No one ever never expected to raise their young children within the walls of a small home environment, but the economy and the housing market being what they are these days, most parents have no choice than to find an alternative to making their children active and happy at the same time.



State the Proposed name of what the Business Would Be

I would like to start a kid’s interior playground in the Grace Mission area by the summer of 2020. The name of my business would be Little Apple’s Ground. Interior playground business.


Nature of the Business and Age-Group it is Intended For

This business will be appealing to both parents, guardians, and care-takers with kids, who love outings and love trying new places that would be educational, fun, and engaging to families as well. The mission of the business is to create an Interior playground that has an outdoor feel, where children can have fun, exercise, and boost their cognitive skills as well. Most of the kids today spend their time in front of the screen, I also noticed that we only have a few numbers of playgrounds here, so I feel a need for more interior playgrounds as this is a family-oriented area with lots of children.


State the Location and Estimated Cost to Start

To set up this kind of business, it would cost about $450,000 for the start, depending on location, so I intend to apply for a loan to help me set up this business. I would need to put in place, the location, and design, tools, and workers for the playground. I intend to search for a location stationed within the central area of the city, where everyone can easily gain access to regardless of where they live in the said location, people coming from another city or outside locations can easily locate the business as well.


Mention Safety

The location selected would also, be a very safe and kids’ friendly environment. The construction of the building would be designed by an architect and a landscaper to meet the required standard of federal and State safety precautions and guidelines.


What are the Equipment, Tools and Machines Needed?

Equipment needed would be purchased from distributors and such instruments and materials must meet up the safety guidelines and standards recommended for children. The equipment would be purchased to meet up with each age group of children i.e. for infants, toddlers, and newborns ages 6 to 23 months, 2 to 5 years, 5 to 12 years, and then for ages 13 and above. The list of the materials and equipment needed would be made, which will include, innovative indoor equipment such as construction building sets, climb caterpillar, climb and slide for babies, indoor swimming pool like inflatable pools, varieties of toys, rockers, vertical climbers, tunnel maze, cottage houses, ornamental chairs, swing sets, indoor trails and lots more to make up the landscape structure of the playground.


Reemphasize the Main Motive of the Playground Business

The main motive of the playground is to give children and parents an outdoor feel, providing full engagement, education, and comfort to both parents.


Business Registration and Licensing

A business license would be acquired and would make sure that the business is covered by insurance as well, an inspection would be done on the facility on every stage it is required to do so by the State authority.


Mention Modes or Medium of Advertisement

The advert for this business would be done through flyers, emails, text messages, school contacts, day-cares, social media videos as we may be unable to afford TV advert in the meantime but I believe in intensive social media advert would work. A grand opening day would be initiated where everyone in the community would be invited to come to play for free, in this way they can have a feel of the beauty and have fun, if children enjoy it, they would tell their parents to bring them next time over and over again, if the parents feel the positive impact, they would always bring in their family and friends as well.


What are Your Days and Hours of Service

Services we would render are birthdays and other events such as get together and play with friends, the business will be open to families who want to visit to catch fun on a daily basis. Our business hours would be 8.00 am to 6.00 pm Mondays through Thursdays and 8:00 am to 10.00 pm during weekends. We would make sure that the playground is always neat and colorful to attract not only the children but adults as well.


Number of Employees Needed

Workers needed would include a manager, front desk attendants, cleaners, two swimming teachers, three kids watchers for the start, one security agent, and more as the need arises. In conclusion, after thinking it over and reading through the article “Your Indoor Playground” I realized, I am not mistaken in choosing this business,

An interior playground business is a nice business and can be highly profitable if successful at it, especially areas that have high population children

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  1. Wow! I had no idea so much would go into having an interior playground business. It does make sense though, to make sure everybody stays safe and has fun, no matter the age. Thanks for sharing!

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  9. Monidipa

    To be honest I have zero knowledge on this. But yes, it is indeed an amazing and greatly explained post which will help!

  10. Heidi

    This is great for areas where it’s just too hot or cold to play outside!

  11. This is a nice start-up business concept we can consider if we want to start a business. Though please make sure to consider this current situation outside. A lot of the business like this are closing at the moment.

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  14. Kiwi

    This is really good info! I think an interior playground business is a good idea.

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