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Hair can change our looks, it can bring out or enhance one’s beauty or handsomeness, and in the other way round, it can give one an unattractive look which could be as a result of a very low or no efforts and time being invested to care for the hair and this could in great way impact

On how appealing our looks or beautiful is in the sight of people. In fact, not taking off the hair can make one look very unkempt.



Tangled Hair

If the hair did not receive attention or care for a certain period, it begins tangling from the creases if the hair and then migrates to other areas.

Dandruff: Not washing your hair for a long time can lead to a build-up of dirt and therefore results in dandruff.


Zero or Improper Hair Moisturization

when the hair is not properly moisturized, it can lead to dry scalp and dry hair. This will cause the hair to look rough, hair breakage and inability to work the comb through it, especially in the case of thick hair and when you manage through it, it can be very painful.



Do not carry a hairstyle for too long a time: Carrying a particular hairstyle for a long time or just leaving a loosed hair without combing for a prolonged time (especially African natural hair), could result into serious tangling of the hair and making it even harder to comb through the hair. Do not carry tiny braids for a long period, doing so may lead to tangling of the hair at the base due to dirt particles build-up around hair strands and tend to glue the strands together, in fact, the glued hair at the base will not untangle and the only solution would be to rip off the bunch of stranded hair during combing which can be very painful and time-consuming, as there is no other way to describe it than “forceful pulling off of the hair”.


Shampoo and Wash the Hair Properly

Shampoo and ensure that your fingers walk through the hair uniformly, please do not roughly scrub the hair when washing, it may lead to tangling and thereby damaging the hair. Hair conditioner is also required, it helps to soften and give the hair a nice texture and allows for the comb to work through the hair nicely. Use a large bristle comb to comb out hair after the application of the conditioner and before rinsing it out. Pat dry, do not rough handle the hair when drying with a towel, then comb out. If drying the hair with the aid of a blower, make sure you comb-out hair intermittently and use low to medium and not high heat, when the hair is to dry, it can lead to hair breakage and tangling due to the high pressure of the blower.


Appropriate Combing

inappropriate combing can cause damage to the hair especially when the right comb is used on the hair. Use a comb with large brittles to comb long and thick textured hair, when using a small bristle comb, cut the hair into tiny sections so the comb can have the ability to walk through the hair proportional to its size. Very small brittle comb on thick or long hair may cause discomfort and pain due to pressure applied from combing which may hinder an individual from combing through properly, also a large brittle-comb may not walk through the short hair to smoothly comb/straighten the short hair out causing hair to tangle.

You can use scissors to trim off the tips of tangled, weak and damaged hair tips, this will allow your comb to work through the hair with ease and without causing discomfort or pain to you, it also saves time.


Remember Dyed or Bleached Hair also Need to be Taken Care of

For those who have thick, bleached hair, continual bleaching of the undergrowth is required after a period which may be a gap of three months, if this is not done, the undergrowth comes as a natural hair which in turn have two layers of hair texture and one weaker than the other, this may cause damage particularly when the hair tangles due to improper washing and combing technique. If you decide to return to your natural hair type, then you do not need to bleach the hair anymore, all you need do is to ensure hair is washed and good conditioner is used. As your natural hair known as undergrowth grows, the bleached part becomes weaker and fall off over time, the best practice is to always trim off the tip of the bleached hair about (trim off 0.5 to 1.0 cm)Trim of the tips of weakened to enhance even and healthy hair

In conclusion, identifying one’s hair category and application of appropriate hair-care technique cannot be overemphasized; here are additional tips:



– Use hair care products that are compatible with your hair type, products that are incompatible with one’s hair type can cause hair damage.

– Wash, comb and moisturize hair always using the appropriate technique.

– Use a comb that has the correct brittle size that will walk through your hair with ease.

– Style your hair to look beautiful as if it was packaged by a modeling or packaging company or like someone going for beauty pageant always.


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  1. Nice tips. I have dyed hair so I always have to be careful while buying hair care products. A useful point is appropriate combing which we don’t take seriously.

  2. All the salons have been ordered to close here so it looks like no professional hair care for me. Happy I have a very good weekly conditioner to use right now because all the additional stress going on can be harsh on one’s hair. Great tips in this post!

  3. Awesome hair care tips! I refuse to go back to the salon until the pandemic is under control. I’ve been doing my own hair since March. No complaints so far, but it’s a lot of work.

    1. Right, it is; but continuous practice gets one use to it at some point. Thank you for stopping by.

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