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Not properly taken care of, may lead to irreversible tangled hair, where hair strands stick together thereby forming a dread-like structure.

To make sure that your baby’s hair is clean and neat always, there’s need to give it good attention. Not taking care of their hair can lead to the hair harbouring lies and dandruff buildups  like mound. Some moms decide not to comb baby’s due to the fact that it hurts them but following the tips I listed below will help to overcome these odds and your baby will thank you in return even if they can’t talk at the moment.

And without wasting much time or to cut long stories, let’s jump to the main business.



Luke-warm water, baby hair shampoo, baby hair conditioner, comb, towel, oil.



Luke warm water: Please be sure that the water is neither cold or hot, wet hair with water.

Shampoo: apply shampoo, rub gently and be sure to apply uniformly over the head.

Massage: gently massage (remember, their head is still tender)

Rinse off: Rinse from from to back while baby sits and relax backward in the bath(be careful: do not let soap get into the eyes)

Conditioner: conditioning the hair is very important, this will soften and enable you to comb through easily without baby feeling any pain. Massage the conditioner gently and uniformly throughout the hair,

Comb: use a big comb to comb the hair, the reason why you will be using a big comb is because, it has wider space in-between each pin, this will enable it comb easily without any hair clinging to the pins thereby making it to hurt while combing.

After successfully combing through, rinse of the conditioner, pat dry lightly, apply little quantity of oil and  again comb immediately before the hair dries up. Then allow hair to dry completely dry up by itself.



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  1. Good tips! I’m a Hairstylist & agree with all of this 🙂

  2. Marianne

    I was so scared to tamper with my daughter’s hair when she was a baby. I would definately have had more confidence had I known these tops you share, great post.

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