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When things happen to you at once, you wonder why! Especially when they are heart-breaking things or issues. Issues that could disorganize you, disturb your thoughts and makes one lose focus. These issues most times comes in for good reasons but  most  times we feel we can’t let go, at least that’s what you tell yourself. Having deep feelings of burdens not lifted.

The answer seem far away, the truth becomes a lie, word becomes meaningless, confusion of the mind comes knocking. You wonder if you can even find love that is real because the story doesn’t have an ending only a beginning. You think you have found the things that make you happy, you feel you have  found what you are really looking for because everything seems smooth and beautiful at the moment.

Love is a beautiful feeling that comes deep down from the heart. Love sees as a man, love does not see anyone in his or her colours, love does not care who you are or where you are from, but belief in the connection that brought you together. Love is colourless, there is no stain, but is seeing you just the way you are, you got the ability, the weakness, those are the things that make love beautiful. Even though the man you know is really not what he claims to be, love should be hardness with caution, most times we don’t know what we want because in our heart, we seek for protection, security and deep love. Love comes from the heart not the brain. Love is mutual, true love does not end. Love must come out of commitment from the heart for each other; love should not be abused or misused, it’s simply how imperfect persons loving each other in spite of their imperfection. Mistakes are allowed because they connect us to making the right decision in our relationship we are prone to mistakes and should learn from it. Love is endurance, blindness, tears, pains, troubled mind but patient in all the things that are right and wrong.

Love is sweet, real and beautiful, but it’s a crucial emotional game of feelings. You lose when you get hooked up with the wrong person in a relationship and you win when you hooked up with the right person.

True love is enduring and it’s eternal, don’t walk out on true love for faults that can be handled with maturity. There is no perfect relationship but true love endures all things. Loving someone means a lot. It means you have my life and everything and in my happy moment and trials, you will always be there to cry, smile, cuddle and strengthen me. It means all my everything, being committed to each other, yes it means lots of temptation and there might be a lot of fall out and weakness but it’s you and only you. True love is saying I have made up my mind to be with you and only you, no matter what I see and who I am its only you and you alone.

True love is enduring many times over and over again and yet still loving. True love is the imperfect love that is made perfect.

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