You are currently viewing Cabbage and Egg Salad WITH Side Pineapple Fruit: Fast Simple and Delicious

Cabbage and Egg Salad WITH Side Pineapple Fruit: Fast Simple and Delicious

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Cabbage and Egg Salad WITH Side Pineapple Fruit: Fast Simple and Delicious

Cabbage is an edible, leafy vegetable that grows above the soil, it leaves are thick and densely packed together original from on stalk, it’s scientific name is Brassica oleracea. The most common is the green cabbage which usually runs yellowish-white as you cut through or when it beginning loses its green coloration. We also have the purple cabbage which is common, it shows a combination of purple and white as you cut through it as well. This vegetable can be eaten in various ways and incorporated into different types of recipes such as soups, salad

We have been thought about Cabbage and how it’s known to be an exceptional source of vitamin K, vitamin C, and vitamin B6 as well. It has a high content of water about 92%, It also has a reasonable content of dietary fiber, vitamin B1, manganese, potassium, folate, and copper. More so, cabbage some amount of vitamin B2, magnesium, choline, phosphorus, calcium, selenium, iron, pantothenic acid, protein, and niacin.

Carrot Is an edible fruit vegetable which grows inside the soil, it’s a root plant. It has a good amount of vitamins and nutrients that are needed for our health and nutrition. Carrot is a very source of Vitamin A and Beta-carotene, which is something not usually common in other types of vegetables. Its scientific name is Daucus carota, eaten as it is, for soups, and also incorporated into different types of food recipes.

Green Beans and green peas. Green beans are the unripe and fleshy part of the beans plant and usually eaten as it is. The beans are harvested immediately the fruit grows and starts getting reading to produce seeds or at the onset of its seed production. The difference is that the green peas have seeds in it, please note that they are the freshly developed seeds, the pods are still very fresh and tender as well. They both belong to the beans family with scientific name Vigna unguiculata and just as I mentioned above, they can be eaten as it is, or incorporated into salads, soups, and other types of food recipes as well.

Pineapple generally is known as Ananas comosos in the scientific language world, an edible fruit plant, the fruit grows right inside the soil. It has about 86% of water, has a considerable amount of carbohydrate and contains protein and very low in fat. It is also consumed as it is, for soups and many other nutritious food recipes as well.


Medium size cabbage

16 ounces of kidney beans

1 large lemon

2 large fresh tomato

½ cup of raisins (cake fruit)

2 cups of mixed vegetables include carrots, green beans, and green peas.

4 large eggs

8 ounces of cheese (optional and can use your best choice of cheese)

2 tablespoons of Greek yogurt

3 tablespoons full of mayonnaise



1 large size whole pineapple.



Wash the eggs and set on the stove, and while you have them on the stove, slice your cabbage, rinse and let it drain. Cut your carrot, green beans, and tomato as well.

Transfer the drained cabbage, the cut green beans, green peas, carrot, and tomatoes into an accommodating bowl. Dice your cheese and add to the combination in the bowl and add the raisins.

Grate the bark of the lemon and pour the grated bark into the bowl containing combination.

Extract the juice of the lemon and pour it into the combination as well. Mix the combination.

Next, add your two (2) tablespoons of yogurt, 3 tablespoons of mayonnaise.

Then mix generously.

Now your salad is ready.

For the side pineapple, all you need to do is to peel, dice, and serve on a separate plate. Enjoy!

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