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Importance of Stress Management

Stress is something we cannot do without, however, it is highly recommended to practice good management. Stress management is knowing what stress is all about and managing or handling it in a proper way to avoid side effects. Importance of stress management are:

It helps increase productivity in a stressful condition or environment

It helps one to endure and stay focus during difficulties.

Familiarizing oneself with stress management practices, help to know when one is exceeding the limit

Helps to produce a quality result and meet up with time in a project


How Stress Can Affect One’s Life

As a general note, an individual may get stressed out, in addition to other factors as a result of procrastination. Stress can affect the general output or performance on a task and general lifestyle. Stress can bring forth positive output when it motivates one to perform well in a task; however, it can also bring about negative output when experienced over a long period, except if an individual takes action to manage it . Stress can lead to the inability of one to concentrate; stress experience impairs efforts to remain physically active.

From a personalized point of view, stress can damage the brain. Chronic stress and anxiety can result in brain damage and increase the risk of what is known as major psychiatric disorders. Stress could lead to headaches and severe fever. It is no more news that excessive stress-stretch can lead to severe heartbeat rate, increase in blood pressure and could lead to stroke.


Stress Management Techniques

Three stress management techniques:

Healthy living Technique.

Discipline and Time Management Technique.

Tolerance limit and knowing when to retreat.


Healthy Living

Take care of the body: eating a well-balanced diet and sleeping well when necessary is something that can never be overemphasized when it comes to stress management. Due to the combination of finance, work, school, and family, a person may be unable to eat quality food and worst of all, there is no time to rest as all; as it is always said that ‘sleep is a natural force of nature’, the body needs it to regain energy and ease out stress from the brain, it’s just like a computer, when piled up with a lot of multiple works at once, its start running slow as time goes on, may stop responding to any command and when the computer feels it can longer bear the stress anymore, it shuts down. That is how the human body works also.

Discipline and, Time Management

Discipline is a key factor in managing stress. This can be done by setting priorities, all the important activities of our life do not command the same priorities at the same time, setting a time that appropriately fits an activity is very important. Taking notes of tasks that need to be completed and allocating time to each task base on their time requirements and demands can be very helpful, sticking to plan and setting up reminders are very important to get rid of procrastination.

Tolerance Limit and Knowing when to Retreat

Application of positive attitude; it’s very important to know when we are exceeding the limit, for example getting all worked-up on an activity, without break can lead to stress, so when it’s starts getting to the level where concentration becomes difficult to impossible, it is advised to retreat or take a break and then come back to it later. By doing this and coming back to it later, an individual will feel refresh and ready to assimilate or concentrate again, I mean functional.


How I Will Apply the Stress Management Strategies Above to My Life

In summary, I have been applying the strategies listed above especially the aspect of knowing when to surrender when stress is getting out of hand. In previous studies, we discussed different strategies of which, one among them is applying time management strategy as a way of improving our learning experience to avoid being overwhelmed, this method I have been applying also.

This strategy will help me to manage my stress, enjoy my learning experience and also, be productive at it. Knowing fully well that the outcome of stress can be really outrageous, will help me to set up a time that will meet all my demands as a very busy and family person.






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  1. Very important! I still need to work on my time management.. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Bhagyashree

    It’s very helpful and with everyday example

  3. Mary

    Such an important post. If we don’t learn to manage our stress we cause so much damage to our bodies physically, emotionally and mentally.

  4. Windy

    I need to practice my tolerance limit and knowing when to retreat. Stress management is so important for our mental health.

  5. It so important to manage stress especially in the current scenario. Thanks for sharing

  6. It is so important in managing your stress and I like how you point out to start by taking care of your body first.

  7. I used to get very stressed out of silly things… I think I little more perspective on things that are just not as important.

  8. I hate being stressed. I find chocolate helps me out with that 😉 That or taking deep breaths.

  9. I am the most stressed person but I try to hide it. But I know that is not healthy. Great tips and article on this subject. Thanks.

  10. I love your article! I was just stressed out the weeks prior. And I admit it still gets to me, but I am managing it better now. I am on my way with the health part, discipline and time management is still there for me, however it’s the last part that I need to work on more. I am very impatient, and my tolerance is quite strict. So I was able to manage my stress by loosening up a bit. And planning to loosen up some more. But stress is inevitable when you are in the sales industry. Targets and time pressure are always there.

    1. Yes, I absolutely agree with you, a lot of things could cause one to stress out even my very self which was what prompted to write this article, we just have to find a way of managing them.

  11. Helpful Tips! In this pandemic stress is the main source of unhealthy living. Thanks for this

  12. I struggle with stress but have found ways to manage things when my stress levels get high. It’s important to know our triggers and what helps to calm us.

  13. This is so important, especially now. I used to get stressed over the silliest things but I’ve really learned to let the small stuff go.
    It’s done wonders for my mental health.

  14. Much informative article…..this is really very helpful coz nowadays stress is everywhere…………..Thanks for sharing

  15. Discipline with myself I know is where I need a lot of constant work in. I find that when I really honor my boundaries that I am a lot less stressed in my every day life.

  16. Thanks for sharing this much needed information. Stress is at such a high right now and we need to manage it so it doesn’t manifest in more serious diseases down the road.

  17. These are all really smart strategies. It took a lot of years for me to learn the signs when I was beginning to get burned out and to take a break before I got there. Learning that has helped me learn better self care!

  18. Time Management is the most important for me. I have to sit down every day and plan out my whole day. Sometimes it is not easy for me when things get thrown into my daily plan but with that list I can easily get right back on track and it helps to manage my stress level.

  19. Stress management is a very important issue in the contemporary world. Hope your tips will help me a bit! 🙂

  20. Stress management has been a big deal around my world for the past few years. We cannot get rid of stress. We can only handle it the best way we are taught and know how.

  21. I totally needed this as a reminder. Life sometimes just gets crazy & the stress builds. The funny part is how it manifest as something you don’t even realize, like clenching your jaw ?‍♀️

  22. I think stress management is a key thing and i definitely need to find other ways to manage my stress. love this post

  23. I don’t get stressed often but when I do it’s usually because I am overwhelmed with too many things to do.

  24. These strategies are important to remember during tough seasons in our life. Your advice is much appreciated and is very helpful.

  25. Good practises to follow! Im usually stressed about all kind of things and currently trying to manage it. Still working on discipline!

  26. After reading some of your stress management contents, i’m taking notes and will apply to myself some of it. My stress level is sometimes high and i would like to manage it better.

  27. Joanna

    A healthy body leads to a healthy mind, so a good diet based on fruits and vegetables is essential when it comes to managing stress.

  28. Rebecca

    Helpful tips, stress management is very important.

  29. Arugba Stanley

    Too much stress can cause some health issues. It’s important to know your limit and not over work yourself. Thanks for sharing this important piece

  30. blair villanueva

    Just like anything, we can always manage stress if we allow ourselves to. We should know the cause of our stress and try to change it for the better.

  31. Stress management is really important, especially in a high-paced environment, or if you have a job where you spend a lot of time online.

  32. Monidipa

    Effective stress management helps you break the hold stress has on your life, so you can be happier, healthier, and more productive. The ultimate goal is a balanced life, with time for work, relationships, relaxation, and fun—and the resilience to hold up under pressure and meet challenges head on.

  33. I agree: we need a lot more stress management in our lives. During the virus situation we all started being more sensitive and tired.

  34. This is a very useful post – so important and one which I feel will help many people

  35. Tiffany

    During this time it’s so important to incorporate stress management, just for our own peace of mind.

  36. Stress can have so many adverse reactions, you’re completely right. It’s imperative that we manage our stressors in a healthy, effective way

  37. Very good point that you must know your limits! As important it is to push through, its equally important to know yourself and when to stop and rest.

  38. Healthy living is indeed a very important strategy to manage stress. I couldn’t emphasize the importance of sleep more. I still have a lot to learn how to manage stress but improving day by day! Will try the other strategies you shared! Thanks!

  39. Heather

    Such an important topic. Managing stress in a healthy way is very important and can be very hard to do.

  40. Audrey

    Great tips, very useful for this crazy year!

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