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In defining a relationship; what comes to the mind is having a connection or association with someone that means a lot to you. It means total closeness, having deep intimacy with which you can share with each other, things can’t share with others. When you think of men and women, what first comes to mind are different kinds of thoughts, women are fragile in nature but have a strength in them you never imagine. While the men are independently controlled by their own mind, they love to control, they love to be in charge it’s been that way. A man will always be a man.



But there are certain things men cannot be in charge of, things that cannot be controlled, like the heart. The heart can bear a lot of things but love is one that plays the mind: the heart cannot be played when it comes to loving someone. Everybody talks about love, how they feel, what they feel, and how they love who they love and are loved. Love is a connection; your feelings are a reaction to the quality of that connection. Love is like a force that drives, its natural, it comes from the inside, the inner mind. When you love so deeply and truly it can’t be taken away from you.

No matter the temptations that comes your way and even if you fall, the love you feel for each other draws you close and back to your root. People say a lot of things about  love, but I say “love” is what takes you out of yourself. So we say if love is all  of these, Why then do two people that say they love each other are unfaithful or cheat on themselves, the women accuses the men why they cheat or why they are unfaithful likewise the men accuses the women why they also cheat.



Every man is polygamous in nature but it’s the strength of the woman to control that nature in him so he doesn’t lose both ends. It’s normal for men to admire a lady outside his relationship but not normal to extend it further in a way it will affect your relationship.

Relationship is commitment, when a man/woman is committed in a relationship they hardly become unfaithful or cheat on their spouse. When you want to stay committed to your spouse, it means you are committed to everything concerning him/her, including the ones you were aware of  while dating and the things you’re yet to see and learn about each other in marriage. Men has the tendency in them to love two women at a time (I always hear people say African men especially, are fond of this) but it’s just one woman  they need and will eventually end up with; that part in them makes them to forget commitment and the part it plays in a relationship. A man would be unfaithful for the most likely reasons because no man cheats by himself, a woman is always involved in the cheating process. A man would cheat due to emotional dissatisfaction in a relationship, instead of working it out, he goes out to the other lady. Men would be unfaithful because they see cheating as a culture in our present day society, they feel everybody does it so it’s not new. They could cheat because their cheating mate is more physically attractive than their wives or girlfriends, they cheat for lack of intimacy with whom they are involved with.



A man can love you, care and still be unfaithful. Certain things can also make a man unfaithful, coming from the lady’s side, in a relationship and after marriage, the lady tend to be careless about a lot, so that could push his interest and attraction when he feels he is needed while you complain and begin to see him as the wrong guy, meanwhile someone is busy listening and showing him care, the reason he left or went out was due the woman’s carelessness. Sometimes, we’re too busy with the stranger outside to notice the pains of the woman who had loved us until it’s late; the small details of our lives are what is worth in a relationship. It’s not the material things, the material things only create an environment conducive for happiness but cannot give happiness in themselves.



Men who are committed today in our world are real men and they are few, only the few men are truly determined to handle the issues of relationship and marriage. Men should have that self-control in them to commit themselves into whatever they feel they are attracted to, have to decide over what they want in life. Because when it comes to relationship and love so many things go out of control if not controlled at both ends. The mind has so much power to control things but not love. Love is a two side thing working on both ends to make it work, look closely before jumping into a relationship so that you don’t fall out and pick wrongly. If you must love, you must stay with the one you can live with, with deep understanding. No matter the reasons given why you cheat or do the things you do: cheating defiles your relationship. A man who is divided who doesn’t know what he wants in life. A man that loves a woman, his spouse doesn’t cheat on her. Though, mistakes are allowed in a relationship. Find time and do those little things for each other, create that intimacy, by so doing, cheating or unfaithfulness will be the least on your mind.

Above all, there are so many women that also remain very unfaithful even to the extreme. Let’s check ourselves and make this world a better place, a woman has to be virtuous and cheating is never the way to go. It is no longer news that women are even overtaking men.


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