You are currently viewing A child with a vulnerability to antisocial personality disorder.

A child with a vulnerability to antisocial personality disorder.

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A Child with a Genetic Vulnerability to Antisocial Personality Disorder.

Antisocial Personality Disorder also is known as sociopathy, is a mental disorder whereby an individual steadily and profusely shows no regard for any right or wrong-did, thereby ignoring the rights and feelings of others concerned. Individuals who have antisocial personality disorder tend to alienate, maneuver or treat people harshly and are unforgiving, never showing guilt, remorse or sense of self-blame for any wrong-doing, they are always arrogant, showing impulsive behaviors and accomplish their goals through cruelty; it’s a general act of deviant behavior.


How a child’s environment can shape their likelihood of evolving personality disorder

Affected children engage in unnecessary risky behaviors without consideration for their safety or other’s safety as well. Many studies on family and adoption, have shown that genetic factors may influence the development of antisocial personality disorders in the subjects. For a child that has an antisocial personality disorder, there would be an intensification of these deviant behaviors due to exposure to a more adverse environment than the normal environment. Home and social environments contribute to developing such personality disorders in the child, and the child may adopt such violent and impulsive behavior from parents as well.


The adverse environment that influences these deviant behaviors in the children includes, parents with marital problems, divorced parents, usage of drugs or alcohols, other factors may include a family history of antisocial disorder or any other personality disorder including social environments such as school.


How to help Children with Antisocial Disorder before it’s too Late

Children with this kind of character tend to be aggressive and lack sympathy or empathy, they have the tendency of engaging in deviant behaviors or acts not generally acceptable by society and so they refuse correction, in fact they also involve in bullying acts in their behavioral activities.


We should always remember too, that this kind of kids need help and they are not happy with their present condition as well, all they need is love and prayers to help shape their minds to the right channel, responding to them in an aggressive pattern would not solve the issue but rather escalate it more.


If you are a parent or guardian with such a child, it can be very painful and saddened seeing your child in such a way you do not desire, please do not give up on the child, always do what you feel is the right thing to help the child, consistency, and persistence also help a lot, and just as mentioned earlier, prayer can help solve the problem in so many ways.


If you are a parent, that is being raised from such an aggressive environment or you know that some things you do are not worthy of leaving for your kids as inheritance, desist from them immediately and start a good life, parents or adults are like mirrors which little ones watch and learn from, they look at it as a normal way of life.


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  1. Aww, we really have to be careful with the kind of environment we surround our children with. There might not be an obvious impact now, but it can shape their future.

  2. Kevin Brotac

    Great blog post! It is very important for parents to know how they can affect their children’s future. I

  3. I agree that a child’s environment can influence its behavior. People around children should be more loving towards children

  4. i had no idea sociopathy had another name. thank you for educating us. i hope parents with children who are vulnerable to sociopathy are able to find some help from your post.

  5. Aaaahhhhh…the troubles and downs of parenting. Cases like these, most times, all we hope for is the best.

  6. This is very helpful. I hope many people will read this so that everyone will be aware. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Bright snow Loveland

    I really enjoyed reading your post. And I also believe, some parents also contribute to this kind of antisocial behavior of their kids. Some parents over restrict and confined thier kids to one environment (home). I pray parents will read this article and use it . Thanks for sharing

  8. katrina Kroeplin

    i def agree with this. it’s hard on kids and their enviroment plays a huge role in things.

  9. I agree that child’s environment can shape their likelihood of evolving personality disorder. If we put them in a sociable environment, the will more likely be sociable too.

  10. It is so hard to see your kids struggle with things like this and not know how to help them. I am so glad there are more resources out there than ever before to help. Thank you for writing such a relevant article!

  11. blair villanueva

    I agree with your post. A child’s surrounding affects its growth. When he is surrounded mostly by adults who treat the child like one, then there is a huge chance that the child will think like an adult too.

  12. Kuntala Bhattacharya

    Good topic. Children are vulnerable and are exposed to many unwanted things. We need to control it and ensure they do not fall trap to these. Its very important for adults to take care of the environment surrounding the kids.

  13. Thank you for sharing information that can help both children and families. I am all about providing accurate information that uplifts and encourages everyone.

  14. Elicit Folio

    This is a beautiful article. I agree that love and patience can truly help children with these conditions

  15. Steven

    Wow what an interesting post on sociopath behavior in your kids.

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