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Critical thinking is the ability of an individual to logically and effectively generate or propagate ideas. It incorporates the application of competencies, intellectualization, engagement, scrutinization, creativity and also, assessment of information gathered or generated through observation, experience, reflection, reasoning, and communication, as a pilot to acceptance of an exploit or achievement

Critical thinking skill is needed in all facets of life, starting from our home environment, social, economic, lifestyle, learning, and working environment. It adds to the quality of our maturity level, when some people talk, you can easily detect their level of maturity and know-how. Employees have different methods of operation and therefore need workers that are outstanding in evaluating and analyzing. Increasing and refining critical thinking is a lifetime learning which requires constant practicing. Critical thinking skills are mostly rated as one of the most essential and obligatory skills needed for learners to have even after school.



So is Critical Thinking Skills Worth it in both Learning and Working Environment?

Critical thinking skills, help to guarantee that an individual has the best answers which solve problems at any point in time, ability to think fast and even out of the box especially in the present and fast-growing world today, we express our critical thinking skills by the way we compose ourselves, talk (thinking before talking) and quickly assimilate and practicalize what we’ve seen or learned, in fact, the best critical thinking skills is the ability to work and solve problems independently with an awesomely excellent result.



Essentials and qualities of reasoning skills, comprises; drive, single-mindedness, tenacity, perseverance, purposefulness, commitment, ability to provide a quick and effective resolution; provide accurate information, one should be able to derive clear understanding, proffer solution not forgetting, identification of problem and consequences is paramount.


Most job descriptions have critical thinking in addition to applicants’ proficiency, contained in the job descriptions before a candidate can be qualified. They believe that someone with critical thinking skills will be knowledgeable, competent, and able to fit into whichever position they are looking to offer a great sense of professionalism.


Companies and employers of labor and services need employees that can think out of the box to make things happen, they need individuals that will help their organization to succeed and grow efficiently, individuals that can bring in new ideas and can work through difficulties. they are hiring an employee to work for them and not to train or spoon-feed. They believe that some problems can be solved with very minimal or with no supervision and people with critical thinking skills can be more productive and reliable.


They need individuals who can research, listen, analyze, and provide excellent results with the ability to recognize and resolve problems using creative thinking. They need employees with active listening skills with a wide range of interests with willingness spirit, passion, and diligence including the abilities to remember and understand events easily. 


Base on the above, Employers are justified, with this, they will be confident that they are making the right choice by employing the right person, critical thinking skills help to boost morale and enhance the ability to perform best in what one knows how to do. 






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  1. This has given me a lot to think about on critical thinking, I love how you went in-depth and shared these information, Thank you for an interesting article 🙂

  2. I agree, this is important specifically for researchers and recruiters. But yes there is something about this critical thinking.

  3. We practice critical thinking in all facets of our life. Good critical thinking skills means good judgement.

  4. You truly cannot be successful in life without critical thinking skills (or someone close to you that can use them for you!).

  5. Maxim Dsouza

    Critical thinking not only helps professionals but also drive better decisions in daily life.

  6. Positive criticism is the base of development. Positive critical thinking provides you different ways to achieve your targets.

  7. As an educator, I totally believe that critical thinking skills are one of the required 21st century skills to learn, and we should start early as children.

    1. Absolutely, and thank you for commenting.

  8. Critical thinking skill is definitely something I need to work on. Its useful in school and even in the future workforce!

  9. Lora

    I agree, this is important. You truly cannot be successful in life without critical thinking skills.

  10. Judean

    Being an HR professional, critical thinking has always been something at the forefront of almost everything we do. I recently took a Critical Thinking Skills course from HRCI. It was thought provoking and put critical thinking in terms that weren’t so confusing. Some shy away from this term.

  11. One of my goals as a teacher is to have my students be able to think critically and integrate information. It’s such a useful skill.

  12. Janaira Perez

    This really puts my life into a different perspective. I never really thought about how my critical thinking skills could affect my future. Thank you

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