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The Possibility that the Romans May have Aroused from the Etruscans

The history of how Romans descended from the Etruscans cannot be completed without mentioning a man called Romolus. Romulus is a twin and both of them were saved and raised by Faustulus and his spouse. He (Romulus) and his twin brother grew up to be leaders of a crew of youth who are shepherd combatants. Being little kids when they were adopted by their parents, they grew up and found out what happened and their true identity so they took the step of launching an invasion on Alba Longa and were able to succeed in exterminating the hostile Amulius, after which both twins were able to restore their grandfather to the throne reaped from him by Amulius, they also founded a village on the spot surrounding where they had been saved as infants by the couples Faustulus and his wife. However, the rest became a story when they both launched a fight against each other and Romulus slew his brother Remus and then obtained the rulership role of the settlement, the settlement i.e. the village they set up was then named after his name “Rome” (Onion, Sullivan & Mullen, 2022).


Romulus Provided Asylum to Fugitive

At that time, Romulus provided asylum to fugitives and those banished from their village, a time during which Rome was deficient in women, he (Romulus) also invited the bordering Sabines i.e. the Italian residents of the central Apennine Mountains of the ancient Italian peninsula Ambrosoli (1966), to a celebration and seized their women, this led to warfare, however, the Sabine women interceded to dissuade the Sabine men from seizing Rome, hence peace treaty reached, and the districts united under the joint rulership of both Romulus and the Sabine king called Tatius. Tatius’ was then sent to an early grave by Romulus, who eventually became the only king in both territories again and all were called Romans. After a prolonged period of triumphant rulership, Romulus passed away fostered by a mysterious occurrence. A considerable number of Romans are of believe that Romulus transformed into a god, hence becoming a god called Quirinus, and worshipped. Zeilstra thinks that the Etruscans transferred a genetic profile of the residential neighbors of Rome; after Romulus passed away, six additional kings of Rome ruled, and among the final three were the Etruscans from which the Roman Republic was founded in 509 B.C. (Onion, Sullivan & Mullen, 2022). 

Etruscan has to do with ancient Etruria people also referred to as their language name. The Etruscan enlightenment was at its peak in C. 500 BC and had a significant influence on the Romans, who had suppressed the Etruscans around the third century BC. The Etruscans had a great impact on ancient Roman culture in that the Romans adopted most of the Etruscan culture, traditions, and artistic practices including the architectural designs and religious worship, e.g. the designs of their temples; believes that the Romans after numerous years of abducting and conquering the Etruscan, still retained an Etruscan priesthood in Rome since they felt it is critical to make a consultation, especially during war.





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