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Reading is one of the most effective ways to learn, when we understand what is been read, we can apply it to many life circumstances, it helps to boost critical thinking skills and ability to follow instruction can be enhanced through reading, if one can settle down read and assimilates.

Active reading is what a student or an individual needs to gather or learn new information and discoveries from both school and life in general. Active reading requires planning and setting of meditative approaches to engage oneself with written materials with the sole purpose of learning and increasing one’s understanding. The importance of active reading skills cannot be overemphasized as it applies to, and also facilitate other learning processes; active learning is a great tool for preparing, apprehending and carrying out evaluating in both learning and gathering of information or knowledge.




Preparation, getting ready to read and notes taking requires a stable mindset and a quiet environment

Absorbing new ideas, which include listening, reading and observation.

Recording strategy which solely, is based on taking notes.

Review and apply. Reviewing what one has learned from the information gathered while Apply; meaning the application of what has been learned so far into reality which involves practical.

Reading in college may be different from reading in high school, therefore the worth it to understand the importance of reading for college learning. Reading in college is different from reading in high school in the sense that the time required or allocated to reading in college is more than that of high school, it also involves both complex ideas and technical terms one needs to familiarize with. College-level textbooks may require one to go further by making researches, reading related articles, journals, periodicals and doling online searches for related posts and materials that will improve understanding and knowledge on a particular topic or even text. In summary, it is the college student’s responsibility to take note and understand what is being read, more so, for every one hour spent in class, two or more hours have to be spent reading and making researches to gain knowledge and more understanding.



The first step is the preparation stage: it requires one to be in a good and active mood to learn, it includes taking notes while reading and jotting down points which should include, writing down related questions to be solved during reading, making comments and important notations you don’t want to forget, revisit or research on later. An alternative way is to outline points for each chapter-title creating heading and subheadings for each section, rephrasing each section title in terms of a question.

Once the preparation stage is completed, next, is to start reading, during the first reading stage, it is not advisable to highlight points and the best time to do this is during the second time, while reading, it is imperative to take note of the following

Looking for answers on questions written down initially, as one reads through.

The first and last lines of each paragraph require good attention as they contain loads of information.

Take note of the connections among section titles, boldface words, and graphics.

Read through quickly, parts that are not relevant to the questions listed down by students, it also includes parts not related to the topic of discussion.


Take note of important points

This involves reading through all over again before writing down answers to all the questions that were written down at the beginning; highlights can be made to stand out or to make important points bold and look obvious in such a way that it drags attention to it. Making notes is also important when reading, it is good to make notes in the language one will understand. For reference purposes, it’s also important to take note of the writer’s quotations and reference to another person’s work in the body of the write-up.






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  1. supal

    Oh wow! Going to utilize these tips! I’m using this time to do some online courses, so this helps!

  2. These are really great tips. Especially the one about being prepared to sit down & read to learn & then I also liked your advice about being in the right mood! I feel like that goes for any time you read something, you have to be in a mind space to read or it just goes in one ear & out the other!

    -Madi xo

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