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Do you know that by reading the Bible you get to know more and the truth in the word of God? Most people have turn the word upside down and tell people what they believe or think it should be, I mean false teaching, some have even succeeded to divert so many people’s heart from the truth, polishing the Word to make it sound good and real. They talk from their own perception wanting you to believe, they tell people what they want to hear and not what the scriptures says.

Yes, there’s nothing wrong with listening to what they’re saying or what they have to say. But it is important to get familiarized with the Book so when someone is sharing, you can know from which angle he/she talking from, it will help you to know if what they are saying is right or wrong, especially when it’s on social media.

The Bible tells us history of what has happened in the past, it gives us the picture of what happened then in relation to what’s happening now, the cultures, knowing God and His will for humankind. It is important to know the difference between generally accepting that there’s God and knowing God personally.

Reading the Bible will help us to know God’s plan for mankind, we would see the guidelines on how we are supposed to live and relate every day.

Reading the Bible will helps God’s word to be hidden in our hearts so that we do not sin against God and our fellows.

There’s fun in reading and something in it that makes one hunger to know more and continue reading the Bible when you begin,

Are you looking for the book of prophecies? Then read your Bible, it is an Exceptional and irreplaceable Book, reading it opens our inner eyes,  ears and spiritual minds to the secrets therein.

Are you troubled and want peace? Read the Bible, you’re guaranteed an everlasting peace.

Most archeologists of today, gets their facts and truth from the Bible, and they’re proofing it, to tell us there’s more to the Bible by exploring both history and cultural locations, “they use the Bible as a reference Book!”

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Archeology Study Bible
Do you feel you’re so terrible and have done so many bad things, and now you’re looking for ways to turn good living? Just get yourself a Bible, study, meditate and ponder upon the word, you’ll be surprised at the Divine change and peace you’ll get in return. Just believe and hope for a change while doing this, You will be humbled by the outcome.


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