While growing up in life we have desires, I remember then in primary school, our teachers will give us assignment on “what I will like to be in future”, they will also ask us this same question in the class, and as a child then, we give answers with certainty, even though we don’t know how to achieve these goals in life.

As we then get to secondary or high school, the juniors still have some certainty but as we get to the high school level, we begin to perceive the world in a different way; and most time we forget all those promises we made to mom, dad, teachers, especially to our own self and so on, we still desire all that we’ve said we’ll like to be so to us, sometimes it looks impossible due to where we are at this point in time, because of our background, lifestyle we’re living in, and others.



Sometimes we start giving up on our dreams of getting married some day with kids with our children, working for a very big company, becoming a business man or woman known all over the world, creating a new technology, becoming the greatest designer and so on.

Don’t think about the start of the journey but derive joy from where your dream is taking you to, you can still live the life you always wanted, age is not a barrier, it can only make one become wiser than yesterday- have positive thinking.

You mustn’t be a graduate before you become great in the society, there are so many people who did not go to college but are hiring graduates, just believe in yourself and work hard genuinely.


There are people who have particular desires in life but change their dreams to something else in the future, their dreams still come true.

We have seen people getting married at 45 and still were able to have a good family.

Follow your instinct: If your instinct keeps telling you to follow your dreams, don’t give up, keep moving towards it.

Be hardworking, laziness doesn’t pay, this will help building you up, it will give you courage, and one day your sincere hard work, will surely pay. But if you desire to become a doctor, mechanical engineer, business man or woman and only chase after imaginations, you don’t like stress at all and don’t want to work, or may be you are the type that want everything to be done for you –  how do you think you can achieve your dream? Think about it.

Remember: Most of the great people in life today, did not become great in one day, they started their journey from somewhere, great people like Dangote, Alibaba, Mark Zuckerberg, Morgan Freeman, Adenuga and so on, have stories to share about how rough it was before they make breakthroughs and international records.

There’s time for


everyone in life, don’t look at those friends who are ahead of you. Don’t look at that primary school or high school friends, and say they are richer and therefore they have everything than you, No! you don’t know how they make their money, you don’t even know if they are happy or not, but for you, you can be happy and have peace in your heart, don’t feel that you are left behind, everyone has their own pace in life, just live

positively, have good mindset, possess good character and behaviour towards people, yourself and your environment then work towards achieving your dream. You may not become those people I mentioned above, but surely, the sky is you starting point and you’re going to be a role model to others.

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