FOOD AND NUTRITION: Balancing Foods and Lifestyle

FOOD AND NUTRITION: Balancing Foods and Lifestyle

FOOD AND NUTRITION: Balancing Foods and Lifestyle

When God created man, He made good and enough provisions for his feeding. Food is good; it enhances the continuity of life in both plants and animals. Without food, there will be no growth or development. Thank God for food.

Yes, food is very important to stay healthy, but its abuse always have a prize attach to it, while some people go free, some have to pay dearly for it. In the same vein, eating good food has nothing to do with food restrictions “dieting” as most people will call it. Everybody has their own notion on the varieties of foods, in many instances, what is good for the goose may not be good for the ganda as regards diets, you may not like the kind of foods another persons likes and vice-versa but that doesn’t mean not feeding well cause there are many food varieties with great nutritional values in the world. I come from a society where “dieting” is not in vogue except for those who wants to become model and feed with restrictions, well, I mean these people make sure that they eat to their satisfaction, one thing they also consider sin in this area is overfeeding, which they believe is “gluttony” is a not acceptable.

In Africa, it is believed that when a young girl get marries, she’s no more a spinster (young girls are always slim and well structured) and must add up weight after marriage (increase in size) to bring out her beauty as a married woman. Her husband and his family are expected to feed her very well so as to bring out her shape and make her bigger, she will be respected for this and her husband will be respected even more, they also believe that this will make clothes have more fitting on her as a beautiful woman properly taken care of by her husband.

Everyone in world have their own nature in terms of been slim or on the bigger side and I must tell you, the both are always beautiful when properly managed, sometimes it is hereditary and by eating well or balanced nutrition, we can maintain a healthy and beautiful body weight. Illnesses such as stress, anxiety and depression could be associated to not feeding well or not eating healthy diets in some instances.

It is no more news that the greater percent of foods today are processed or packaged, even when they are direct from the farm, they are produce that has been raised with infusion of growth hormones (so as to grow faster and bigger than the normal or natural), when we eat these foods, they in turn have a great side effects if we don’t show serious concern on which one or how we consume them. So maintaining a good body weight regardless of being slim or huge has a whole lots to do with our feeding habits, there’s a particular weight required for everyone to look good, when that weight falls below or higher, its not good at all cause it has lots of bad consequences attached to it. So therefore eat the right food in the right combination and quantity at the right time.


  • Reduce intake of fast-foods to the barest minimum.
  • Reduce your consumption of processed or properly manage package foods always try to get them fresh.
  • Try to know the nutritional value of different varieties of foods, spices and condiments.
  • Always read the content of your processed food and try to avoid foods processed with sugar to the barest minimum if not completely.
  • Another important tip is, water is life, make sure you drink good and enough water daily.
  • Very important note; form the habit of cooking even when you’re tired, accustom yourself to it, and before you know it, you won’t fancy or for fast foods anymore even though its nice to go out sometimes, but shouldn’t be habitual.
  • The kind of labour you engage in, also determines the kind and weight of food you eat, high labour or labour intensive activities requires more energy giving foods (calories) so as to maintain your physique.
  • Reduce salt, use spices and condiments instead.
  • Always eat the right foods in the right combinations at the right time, remember, dieting can only work for a limited time, after which you become miserable and even distorts one’s shape and beauty, can make one look older her age sometimes, so therefore as earlier said, eat well, eat the right foods in the right combination, right quantity and at the right time.
  • Balance your carbohydrate with enough proteins always its important. Reduce whole wheat and encourage whole grain meals. also include vegetable always.
  • Eating the right carbohydrates and proteins can burn fat naturally instead of too much exercising which is not a permanent guarantee to the problem and when you cease exercise your condition can get even worse than the beginning.



  • Don’t go for treated juice but the whole fruit itself, why because the fibre in the fruits has a whole lots of works to do, and instead of fruit or juice in the morning, drink water, don’t start your day with juice as this can cause increment in sugar level, increase insulin leading to insulin imbalance and increase blood sugar levels not only fruits but processed foods (such as corn syrup, dextran, dextrose and fruit juice concentrate).
  • Reduce intake of trans-fat to the barest minimum if not totally, as they can increase the risk of cardiovascular (heart) diseases and also weight gain. They also affects cholesterol in the body negatively, example, go for real butter instead of margarine please.
  • Remember eating well comes before exercise, you can maintain a good body weight and posture by eating well, don’t be carried away by those exercises, when you stop, can become even worst in as much as you don’t eat right.
  • A good rest is also required, allow room, for proper digestion before going to bed, don’t rush to bed immediately. Sleep has a whole lot tot do in our body, ranging from balanced mental ability to looking good (fresh and not looking tired or frustrated).
  • Avoid foods processed with hydrogenated oils and processed eat well cooked foods with good combinations yourself not baked foods, vegetable shortenings and so on. Go for plants natural fats giving foods (monosaturated) like pea nuts, cashew nuts, pear (avocado), sesame (beni-seed) and so on; and also, sea foods as clams, fish rich in fat, they all contain omega-3 and are know to be source of polysaturated fats.


NOTE: you can only live a good and successful life when you practice a positive lifestyle, when you care about yourself and self-esteem you will always want to do it right.

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