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A woman is virtuous, virtuous is a woman. Hearing the word woman, the first thing that comes to mind is weakness, made out of a man, not being able to do all things. There are women and there are virtuous women, but w look at the word “virtuous”. Virtuous means morally good, exhibiting virtue. In our society today, women of all ages choose to follow a dubious role model, but a virtuous woman is a woman who believes in herself, carries the qualities which every woman should strive for in her personal life, career, and her daily duties. Remember that only a virtuous woman shines as a bright beacon in this wonderful world because she is full of strength, efficiency, ability, possesses a good character and she is a firm woman.
In our modern society today, a virtuous woman is seen as a woman with power, character, truth, and being a faithful woman with a moral character, the word “moral” plays a whole lot when it comes to being virtuous. Moral character is the character society expects from you. A virtuous woman is a rare gem, beautiful from the inside and outside, there is always something unique about her, people look out for, something that draws people close to her, even though they don’t want to be. She does not just go for anything, she goes for the very best, and for everything she touches, she adds colour and excellence to it, things that are meaningless to you and I are the most meaningful things to her.




Talking about her relationship, she makes the best out of her man, she is different, and trust me, people love  women that are unique and different in their ways, they always want to be with them and to know more about them. She goes against the flow of the world, she is real, so real, natural, she has that trust and you can see it in her. She is a financial thrift,  she is a goal-getter, she makes her man, family and the society proud, she is consistent and adroit, builds her home, brings wealth, willing to work, love what she does, uses her time well, innovative and she is a good manager of resources.

She carries out responsibilities not only in seen actions, but in actions she performs when no one is watching that yields open profits, she is open to criticism and advice, her strength lies in her weakness. She is an epitome of true beauty, her beauty comes from the inside, true is virtuous and it develops out of a beautiful character, it makes you virtuous as you grow. Virtue goes hand in hand with your inner beauty , when you live the life of a virtuous woman, you become a beautiful woman admired by all.

She treats her body with respect, listens to her body, makes sure she is well on the inside and outside. She is not a super model, but her fashion taste is excellent, never afraid to look beautiful, she follows the trend but not crazy about it. She sacrifices for all, she put others first before herself, she is a wife, mother, career woman, she is down to earth, you can reach her, she listens to her heart, listens to reasons and follows her heart for good guidance, accesses things with wisdom, not carried away by the things she possesses.

Being virtuous is a life style, it’s a commitment, it’s a habit you grow into until it becomes a life style. Every woman wants to be virtuous but not all women are virtuous. But you can be one of them. The voice of a virtuous woman speaks for all, her ‘Yes is Yes’ and his ‘No is No’. for some, virtuous is natural, for others, you grow into it. Virtuous woman is a woman faced with challenges but smiles silently while she works out a plan to make it better, the things you do as a virtuous woman attracts people to you, your place is not only in your home, but the world at large.



Who can be virtuous? you, me, anyone that wants to be. You can start now, you already have it inside but maybe you don’t know yet. A virtuous woman is an exceptionally beautiful woman.





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  1. So beautifully put, I think we all strive to be more virtuous, I know I do every day. I guess I have never looked at it as being such an influential position to others, I just always thought it was doing what was right. It was nice to read this view point through another’s eyes.

  2. Anyone can be virtuous, if they really put their mind to it. It pays to be virtuous because at the end, you’ll definitely reap the benefits.

  3. Good on pointing out. I haven’t thought about being virtuous until I read this. It boost my confidence as a new struggling mum.

  4. Monidipa

    Your post reduced me to tears. Does loving unexpectedly makes us less virtuous? Trusting that they wont cheat makes us less virtuous. Your points are good but may be…..

  5. This is such a wonderful post. A very loving person you’ve described here. I know several women who are virtuous.

  6. Marjie Mare

    There are times that I need to read something powerful to lift me up and your post just did that for me.

  7. Lily

    I’m definitely a virtuous woman. I am elevating more and more these descriptions sound like me.

  8. Great encouraging post about being virtuous and a woman. It is a message that women need to hear right now.

  9. I agree!! Women are not created just women, they are empowered and virtuous. Super highly recommended to womans out there having adversaries.

  10. Janell McKinney

    Inspiring message for women. We should all continue to lift eachother

  11. Marta Skeledžija

    When I hear a word women I think about strenght, kinddness and love. With out women there would not be a nation or a civilization. Great post

  12. Elizabeth O

    Such a great powerful and uplifting post for me. and you’re right women are not just a woman, we are virtuous and brave.

  13. Shristi

    Really motivating post. I love your points here. Cheers to every woman.

  14. Audrey

    Great post. I like how you went into what being virtuous really means.

  15. This post is empowering and makes me feel proud to be a woman, striving to be my best self each day!

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